Sunday, November 30, 2014

What? I have a Blog?


It's been awhile, yeah I know. I have been through a lots of things recently. Actually I love writing but sometime I just can't deny that micro blogging is just much easier + faster than this. Yeah whatever it's I should continue write on this blog. Even it's not much, it still something.

Lots to be tell but I just kinda need to head out right now, few works left undone since I love love love to procrastinate. Final year is just hitting me hard. Balancing work, time, family and friends not an easy task to do. Whatever it is, I am trying my best here. See ya soon, can't wait to write more than this. (And then suddenly I realise that no one actually reading this blog, so then? to whom I'm speaking with?)

P/s: I just loveeee this song,


aquarius morius said...

Blogwalking sambil baca entri. :)

Aquarius recently post : Bagaimana akhirnya saya berjaya atasi masalah rambut gugur

Anonymous said...

The song is very nice actually. I have a blog that I'd like you to check out from your articles here, I think you'd love it.

It's absolutely amazing!!! There are tons of various different stuff to check out there. Not rubbish at all, but real and down-to-earth articles.


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