Thursday, April 10, 2014

Deep Thoughts

for the past few weeks, I have been thinking to quit doing what I like to do which is

Designing & Stuff

There were some moments where I clearly had my thoughts about doing this thing is not actually my talent. The thoughts been going around my head for quite awhile and made me so tense up! With the works that stacking up day by day and some other problems that I can't seem to find an end, I really think that 'I SHOULD JUST QUIT'. But still, I continuing designing....

But everything changed when I went to present my designing work at Taylor's Uni in front of SRN members (Sekretriat Rukun Negara) just now. After I presented one of my design, I was shocked to know that all of them agree and love with the design that I proposed. Then after a while, there was a LONG and BIG round of applause for me....

I'm honored. Then suddenly it makes me thinking.....why should I quit doing the thing that I love? Well, even I'm no good at it, I should at least try my best.

After all, quitting is not the way to enjoy life.

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