Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's 2014

It's 2014

I should continue writing as this is one of the medium for me to improve my writing skill, well obviously writing a long report/assignment also helps me a lot.

Lately there are lots of thoughts that were running through my mind like 'It is good for you to go public like this?'. Well even I am not.that.famous but still I need to take a good look on everything that happen around you and it never hurts to be on your guard. I even notice that I no longer check in on places that I go. Good start isnt?

Everything or anything could be happening and the thing is we don't know whether it is good or not.

Lots of things happened. Some of it I can handle but still there were some of the things that I could not control myself. As example, once I knew that my friend's mothers past away. The moment that I knew about this I was so angry and stress and the only thing that controlled me was anger. I don't know why but later on mom said something soothing that suddenly changed my anger to calm, "well dear, if I am the one that passed away, will you be mad to Allah like this? If so, that will be a heartbreaking".

So lesson learnt. Lil something that I know we must deal with bad news positively.

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