Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eva Cassidy - Song Bird

Alhamdulillah just finished sahur with family. It's now Ramadan day 11. It feels we just started but we're already going on the 11th day of Ramadan. It's true what they say "Good things never last"

Recently, which is 2 weeks back, I just finished my semester 3 examination. At first I never though it was gonna be freaking hard and tough. Then later I said "You are in degree level now, what do you expect?". By the way, I  don't know what the result gonna be but I hope it turn out fine. Always pray the best!

Before preparing for examination, it had been an insane days for us (my fellow classmates). I had assignments, tests, quizzes, final project which involving our skill to code, design a database system, complete a research paper and some other mind blowing assessments. We never thought that we able to finish all of it but yeah, we did it. Some turned out good and some turned out was bad. Blame on us tho, hahaha.

On 5 July I received a bad news.
Al-fatihah for my friend's mom, Nur Hafizah. I know you were very close to your mother. So sorry for your loss and I imagine there is no worse time than the loss of a mother. Stay strong my friend, I know you can.

These are some of the things that happened in the past days. Attended a convocation ceremony (which is my convocation), going nowhere with classmates and housemates, went to the beach and cats everywhere T_T.

All photo were taken from my instagram

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