Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Vacation Before Going Back to The Real World


So I had some great days in Kedah and Penang. I went there just to clear some of the things in my previous campus and ended up sightseeing Penang just after finished all of it. My 3 days, 3 nights was so much fun when I was surrounded with fellow friends (and food!). Managed to bring a camera to record all of the activities I had, and here it is.....

Day 1 & half of day 2
Days in Kedah

The next day, Penang babeh! Managed to arrive Bukit Bendera even we got lost at the wrong Bukit Bendera entrance which you can only climb it by your own or using a bicycle.The one that we visit you can get at the peak of Bukit Bendera by train. Local :RM8 (with IC) and tourist:RM30.

Great view, great company

Then later we spend some quality time visiting Batu Ferringhi. We heard that this place very attractive at night. Yeah I agree on that, but as muslim it was hard to find halal restaurant around the town. But luckily we found this one stall, Zarie Laksa House if I not mistaken.
Batu Ferringhi at night

Asked friends to dropped me off at USM because I wanted to visit my old friend. I just knew that this place is freaking big and they have so may exits and entrance. I admit, it was so hard to find the place where she is staying which it nearly took hours to arrive. I should study the map earlier before going there.

One night in USM and I off to KL. Before going on road and faced some journey all by myself, I treated myself some good food with reasonable price from the hostel's cafeteria. I hope my future campus's cafeteria will serving great food with great price like USM's cafeteria.

Time to go home. Pack all the stuff and heading to Jetty by Rapid Penang Bus. I must ride the ferry! This was basically my last to-do-list when I was in Penang. So I granted my wish, even I had to go there all by myself. There was one time I got a chance to  ride the ferry which twenty years ago if I not mistaken, which I still in my dad's arm, lulz. So this time it was nothing but good. I got to stand with heavy backpack at my back all the way from island to Butterworth because no seat left. Truly uncomfortable.

My last day in Penang

Had great days in Kedah and Penang. I should try to travel around Penang once in a while because there are still some places that I haven't visit. Next time maybe.

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