Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Great Movie: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Recently I watched a movie that telling the life of loving parent who are unable to get a child for their own and lastly they tried to adopt a child. While they are in sadness, there was a kid which is undeniably sweet (Timothy) suddenly showed up in stormy weather from their garden calling them mom and dad. And so both of the parent somehow feel the luck like bulan jatuh ke riba and they without a second thought take a good care of the child like their own.

It's one of the meanest movie because in the end it's kinda sad when you need to let go the person you loved forever. But it hard to dislike this movie, at one part I was crying all over because Timothy really touched my heart. Teach me some very valuable life lessons which is to always be grateful to have things that god had been given to me in any kind of form like a great parent, good health or a chance to live a life. Thank you Allah.

First time I saw Timothy face I was like "Is this Dave Days' lil bro? they looks similar!" But somehow it's not, lulz to me

Both of them look alike right? NO? ok......... :(

p/s: Can't help myself from not writing the review of this movie even ayat so lintang pukang -_-

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