Thursday, December 20, 2012

Repost: Merbok to Kuala Nerang

The first time I was in Kedah I was like "I am definitely gonna explore this state!" this is because Kedah is beautiful meng! So this is some of the photos were taken throughout my journey from place (which is Merbok) to Kuala Nerang. It was basically from south Kedah to north of Kedah
To view the photos more larger, please visit this website Merbok to Kuala Nerang
Kedah is well known as a place that got it own beauty of nature. It's such a relief when I got a chance to follow my friends conducting their research when I just got myself to spend some quality time with the camera. The first thing that crosses my mind was 'I'm gonna capture many x100 photos!' Well, here it is some of the photos were taken on that day.

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