Friday, December 28, 2012

My Experience: Extension Service Presentation

Can't resist from not writing on the story that I had back then, when I was in diploma part 5. Here it is, it was the last presentation that we had to perform. All of us a bit excited (yeah because it's the last presentation for diploma!) but in the same time we got so nervous to max.

This course requires us to create an Extension Service for any information agencies. Such as reading program that provided to people who living far from the library. Yeah. that was exactly what we have been doing. To give the clear view about this program, we edited a video

Its only blurry on the first frame, don't worry

Had so much in the making of this video, and it was my first edited video for this year, -__-. Okay back to the story, the time provided to present is only for 15min (if I'm not wrong), but it was not 15min. It was 1 hour! Imagine how we stand in front of the class with high heels, huh. Only god knows.

Us with no-sleep-face
It's hideous right? I know
First time using BnW options from this camera, and I was like "wow not bad", I mean not me lah, the filter

After all the misery and unhappy presentation, we had the yeah

Eyebag and Group photo!

Semua kebuluq!

So with this, I hope I still can flashback a lil bit memory once I blogged this, hahahaha


Yie Weezer said...

hahahha...klaka la gamba gerak2 tu.. :)

ct cheery said...

haha..lawak..sukew pix bawah tu..hehe


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