Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So Far Away

p/s: Drafted for a week! ;D

So I guess this is it! Its time to finish up this one last semester. Wow, look how fast time fly away...but the thing is, I am feeling so afraid to face it. And now I used to think that Allah will help us when our niat is baik right? In Shaa Allah everything will be going perfectly smooth as planned.

Now finishing for the few hours of quality time with my parents at Sungai Petani, will be return home for the next 2 months (raya kot). Gosh...I am surely gonna miss them and also not to forget those 3 cats at home! ;)

Found Char Koay Teow Sri Utara infront of Northern Lodge Hotel. Decided to buy it as I was feeling so hungry!


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