Saturday, June 16, 2012

My experience with P1Wimax ToGo39

I have been using P1Wimax ToGo39 plan for a week. Got a chance to surf the internet once I started using this broadband. The reason why I decided to use broadband as because I am now not staying in the college anymore and as the same time my new house got no internet ;((. Yeah, that's sad. No more streaming the torrent for 24/7!

Earlier I interested with Yes 4G but got no coverage here. Then I decided to subscribe P1Wimax ToGo39 plan as it covered my area perfectly plus it got the nearest base station here.  Yeah, me want cheap and fast internet. Here is the plan details and connection info...

Taman Lembah Bujang fasa 3 P1Wimax connection info

4/5 bar of signal strength

So far its good during night or day. Monthly payment is quite reasonable with plan. Only using this broadband for completing my assignment and research. Something is better than nothing right?

Unboxing the modem

Unboxing the modem

Unboxing the modem
I really love the graphics on the modem. Fresh and funky! And not to forget its so light and portable.

Later I will be giving more review about P1Wimas ToGo39 plan. Thank you for reading my blog.

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nuryas_cullen said...

almost 3 years kak nurul guna P1wimax.. guna Wireless + broadband and cost me RM130/month.. ber'Torrent' like 24 hours.. hehehe.. yg x best bl balik kg or gi outstation x de coverage...


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