Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living in a New Environment

Hello there!
Living in a new house is very exciting, I love the environment, people, neighbor and last but not least is MY OWN HOUSE! *a rent house act, wink2*

There is so much fun stayin' outside the college actually, the fun having a lot of FOOD especially! For the time being my housemates love to cook (since we don't have any assignment yet). Day and night my stomach will always filled w food. =D

Kannn...rajinkan my housemates

Plus, I love how the neighbor treat us. They are kind and lovely. Sometime when we were playing badminton suddenly there was a group of children swarmed us. We thought that we were doing something wrong but actually there want to play us -__-''.

Oh well, please ignore my face -_-''

There will be another 11 weeks to discover the awesomeness of Kedah and LB (Lembah Bujang). Hope I will find some quality time to discover all of it. Ok then, its now 12 in the morning and I got class early in the morning. Good bye and thank you for reading my blog.

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