Friday, December 16, 2011

What was happen: Everyday Combat

Nothing much actually just a random shoots that I took everywhere that I wanted to. Its actually fun and I am making my phone camera like a digital camera, yeah noob me. =_=.

1. Another day
2. Just another day
3. The fat shadow of me
4. Waiting

1. Meeting the girls after a month.
2. Hanging out before going to the class.
3. Feeling patriotic!
4. Jambatan Sungai Semeling, the only way to Sg Petani

1. Sunrise through the block
2. The sky early in the morning
3. Walking to meet our PM
4. Yeah, my mistake

1,2,3,4. Random shoots with friends

1. The books
2. It'll be raining
3. The presentations late in the evening
4. Waiting..

1. Wheeee
2. I wanted to make one of these. But..
3. Wohoo
4. Spending my time at other course book, yeah me gusta graphic & design

Food, food and FOOD!

Okay that's it, enough.

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