Monday, November 14, 2011

I Am Not Alone

(I wrote this at 4am, cant sleep maa)

Its now already 14 November which today I will be meeting my parents after 45 days be separated. I just cant wait to see them in just less than 12 hours! I cant even sleep (that’s why I am writing this)

Frankly speaking, this is actually not the longest moment that I have been separated with my parents. When I was in boarding school, I am not able to meet my parents for nearly 3 months or even more! I cant recall it.

But this time its different, having only 4 of us (my siblings) only in this house without mom and dad its kinda weird. That feeling like you lost something. But never mind. My parents go to Makkah for their own good. Hopefully got Haji Mabrur *InsyaAllah*

But doesn’t means when my parents are away I have got no one else beside me. Oh yeah! this is the most #win part! I have my bigx2 family, friends, neighbor and……my cat Sammy!(trust me, Sammy can reduced my stress level)

*don’t walk away from me Sammy!*

When I am carving for nice food (Homemade cook esp!) my aunt from both side will gave it to us. I just can forget all of your effort to prepare for us nice food even you’re busy. Someday I will repay what have you done to serve the best for us. Its means a lot to us. Thank you my big family <3 !


So next, what will I do when I am bored letting myself at home and when I want to borrow a shoulder to cry on? This is the solution, FRIENDS! Who says friends are not important in our life? Come one get a life! Friends are important yo!

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*with makcik Senah and Kiah*

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*some of the photos taken from my friend camera, Eqa*

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the persons that I have mentions earlier, you rock! May god bless all of you.

The title of the post actually make me remind of a song from Michael Jackson

I better heading to the bed right now. It’s a big day soon!

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