Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Times Bad Times

Its nearly a week since I have been here after a long holiday (I thought so). And my first week here doesn’t went good at all. You want to know why? I fall ill once again! Fever meh. Well its actually hard to do what I wanted to do. And, and…..I need to avoid drinking cold or icy water. Dang it!

But the best part is, I finally met my friends which is also my partner in crime. Yeah even our home are very near to each other but we hardy to meet there! Hurm, I don’t know why.

The worst part is, I left my identity card at home. This is actually my first time forgot to bring it. Never done this before. So I need to avoid from Pak Guard, I borrow my friend’s some-kind-of member card that usually she wearing with the identity card. Yeah, kind of fake id card. (I even cant borrow book from the library without ID card –_-‘’)

That’s all, nothing much to say actually. I just want to let you know I am okay (very okay) even illness conquering me. I am writing this because I know you will be reading this mom, hehehe.

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