Friday, November 11, 2011


Sempena 111111, mari kita tulis entry baru
Snapshot_20111110 copy
Sebenarnya takda benda nak cakap sangat pun (yela sangat kannn). Update pun jarang sekali, well maybe I am currently too busy, –__-‘’

Truly, I am now busy preparing what are need to be needed and tidying up the house before my mom and dad return home. Well actually its not a big deal at all but I just want to make everything looks perfect, Winking smile.

I hope that my mom and dad are okay in every ways, got nothing happen to them, InsyaAllah. And I cant wait for them to return home because I am really, really, really miss both of them! Please come home faster! Open-mouthed smile

I think that’s all that are necessary to say right now, need to head to the bed because I am pretty sleepy. Good night!

p/s: After a long hunt of John Lennon sunglass at last I found one, yayyynessss! Oh yes, please ignore the face –___--

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Anak Wak Mail said...

semoga mak ayah awak selamat pulang..aminn..;)


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