Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 45 D Project

I am now working on my semester break project. Oh well, I just cant stand from doing nothing on my holidays. I have to move on. Echewahhh.

For this past several days, I had been thinking on what should I do on the miscellaneous photos that were taken. Then I decided to create an individual project which is called THE 45 D. Muehehehe

It’s actually a dedication to my parents on how I am appreciate to be their daughter *they are now performing Hajj*. All of the photos were taken by SLR and Digital Compact Camera. Some of the quotes and saying taken from the website and some of it I created by my own self, but believe me I am far more worst than you think on creating quotes and saying. Frankly speaking, I am inspired from Tumblr,, ,

The photos will be upload everyday (FB) until day 45 (Started from 1 October).

So this is what I’m actually talking about,



These are some of the photos from day 1 until day 13. Trust me, I am not that good in words, so I express it through my photos. Till then, TQ for your reading

p/s: I just need to be more serious on what I am working on.

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