Friday, September 30, 2011

Average Sammy


*I am currently at my home, yipeeee*

Dear Sammy, look what had you done. 

For the past several days, Sammy always brings over her 'friends' to my house. First I thought it was just for that time. But yesterday, when my lil sister opened the door then suddenly she screamed. When I came to take a look I am also in shocked. Sammy brought over her new 'friends'.

Then I started to browse through the internet to know more why my cat acting like this lately. Here is some of the information that were taken from

Why does your cat bring you his prey?
1. This is a present.
2. He is trying to teach you how to catch mice.
3. The cat is bringing prey home to where it is safe and he usually eats.
4. The cat is bringing you fresh food.
5. They expect a fuss.

I also uploaded it in my Facebook. And from my friends comments, I think it is a normal behavior for a cat.

After this I hope Sammy will brings over some Cash! #LOL

p/s: thanks for reading! 

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