Monday, July 11, 2011

Water Park in da House


Sorry for lack of update. I have been busy for the whole month! Yes, I already got several (lots!) of assessment and I am on my way to handle it. Smile with tongue out

So, last week I had lots of fun with my friends. We were struggle to the maximum point to have successful event that been managed by our batch.

From this point I will let the photos do the talking. (Actually I don’t know what else to write) Open-mouthed smile

Before that, this is the poster for the event. Sports Day. I been assigned to design the poster and this is the result after lots of errors and trials.


Done it in a week. And with this, one of my wish list crossed. *To place a poster around the campus*. Received lots of compliments about this design. Smile with tongue out

Woke up early in the morning to capture the moments from the start till the end. Well there it is…

sports day 2011

This event will be no fun if these following person don’t come. Open-mouthed smile

sports day 20111

Black outfits as a protector from the water, but not the sun. Redha.

sports day 20112

sports day 20113

Some of the activities…

sports day 20114

sports day 20118

sports day 20115

The destructions.

sports day 20116

Courtesy from my friends.

sports day 20117

And this is the result after having lots of fun

Fullscreen capture 7112011 74316 AMizah.bmp 
 p/s: currently not active Facebook-ing :P

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