Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Photo Exhibition.


Well this is the answer why I return home so quick. Supposedly I should go back home on Friday. This is because I really wanted to attend the photo exhibition that been held at KLCC Exhibition Centre. Before this I figure out that maybe I can’t attend at all because the last day is 27/01/2011 and suppose to be I still at Sg. Petani, but later on I get a light bulb which I make a replacement class that should be on Thursday to other day. Well, as I said before this, Im the boss in my class. I can do anything.  Teehee.

And sorry for this late update. Got sick for this past few days. But why? here let me tell you. There got some climate changes at Sungai Petani from the very hot and sunny days to cloudy and raining days then don’t forget to blame the bus admin because they don’t pay enough attention on their buses which their air-conditioner is a mess. No service and maintenance I think. Demm! I hate this thing since I was 13-year old. Okay, enough with the maki. Lets go back to work.

Now let me give you some preview about the photo exhibition aite? So sorry I can’t show you any picture from the exhibition because I didn’t bring any of my camera. I was so tired and I off to go with my dad without remembering my camera. Boo. But you still can see it from the official website. . Seriously you need to visit the website (for those who are really into photography).

Later on, me with my dad got some ‘lepaking’ at Jalan Pasar to buy some thing. And there was an old man who I know the owner of the shop that I and my dad visiting. I got some conversation with him. Here how it’s looks like.

Store owner: Here some oranges you for you.
Me: Oh, TQ.
Store owner: Tak sekolah ke harini?
Me: Uh? oh tak, dah cuti dah.

What??? Am I like a school girl. Im nearly 19 year old ! Never mind la.

Just now I went to Jalan Tar Heaven with my mom. Well, as all of you know it’s a place for women. Sogo, a lot of small shop that sell hijab and don’t forget Mydin ya. Yayyyyyy....



Okay, I really tired right now. Need some rest. Bye2.

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