Friday, November 12, 2010

India Part 2

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India Part 1

First morning. When I open the window. Look down. Then I found this.
My not-so-call model
At the rooftop. A very breathtaking view *Credit to Afiqah
One of the nearest mosque
Cousin | Me | Afiqah (adik)
Day 3

Mom and dad at grandma backyard
Me with my mom. A very hot climates I can say. Cotton Baju Kurung is the solution
This is Afiqah. Small sistah
Look what we found, an antique water pump *0*
Later in the noon, we decided to go out for a walk. I think so.
1# In the Auto 2#Faeez is sitting beside the driver hahaha 3&4#Searching for groceries store
Along the road

Misc. item in my grandma house

As I said just now, my not-so-call model
The switch. In awe *o*
Firecrackers yeah!
Testing myself with the shutter speed setting.

1 comment:

Nur Misnan said...

salam tiqah..
masih di INDIA lagi kah?
wahhh.. suka sangat dengan manisa dari INDA
terutama SOAN PAPDI
mesti kena cuba.. superb


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