Friday, November 19, 2010

Fireworks are exploding in my heart


It's been awhile since my last post. A week I think. Oh, well Im so sorry about that. It seem like there are some problem with the internet connection. Im kinda fed up with it.

I will continue my entry on my trip to India, there are a few of my friends ask me about it, and said that you can know the whole story through my blog. But I just post my trip to India with picture only. No other explanations and details about it. Oh well, Im on my way. The post process of those photo was done long time ago (editing). I just need to spend some time to upload it. Well as long as the internet is in ‘good mood’ I can say.

Oh well, I had a very wonderful days since my mom and dad pick me up at my college and until now. Very happy. It been two month since the last time I meet my family, but this is not the longest period I been away from them. When Im in high school, I can’t even meet my family in 2 or 3 month, and only god knows how my feeling at that moment.

There were several friends ask me when Im in high school, “Kau tak rindu ke mak ayah ko?”. What on earth la you ask such a question. Of cause la RINDU!

So anyone that got friends that their family stayed so far away from them, please, please don’t ask “KO TAK RINDU KE MAK AYAH KO?” It’s hurt. Your friend can almost shed a tear, and of cause you need to be the crying shoulder.

I got to go. Wait for my next post ya! I’ll make it as fast as I can. Insyaallah.

Some of the photos on the last day Im in semester one. Oh well, hello junior!

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