Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jealous enough ?

ipad preview. Search for more details. Hope I can own it. Maybe 10 years from now. I unno.

Things ipad can do:
1. browse the web
2. photos
3. watching movie
4. read e-books
5. many application ;p
6. gaming!

So, lets check the price. Pretty damn....I unno. You think by yourself la.
Pretty right? Naaaa. Cheap jerk. Damn!
Reasons you should buy ipad
1. great device
2. The screen~
3. Very portable
4. Many applications
5. Battery life 10 hours
6. For download freak

Reasons you shouldn't buy ipad
1. If you already got ipod touch or iphone, the ipad just got a bigger screen. Not very necessary.
2. Too big for recreational users, too small for business users. Next model please!
3. Call me old-fashioned (im only 18), but when I leave the house, my plan is be as far away from a computer screen as possible. I can live w/o the internet for 10 minutes, I don't need a ipad when i'm going to the store for ice cream.
4. The Price =0
5. Did you already have laptop?
6. Where is the webcam?
7. No flash ! (the plugin la, not the flash for camera)

p/s : the next generation will be iPass  ;p


sHazIela yUsSOF. said...

glew cam bsr.hahaha.

Mizah said...

mmg besaq hbes la

sHazIela yUsSOF. said... model pliz.

Mizah said... mcm bole bli..hampeh je harge

sHazIela yUsSOF. said...

i pkai i phone kjap..pastu ssh nk msg.gpom xleh lsak2.then i gve it to ma dad.n ma dad beli yg skrg.hu3.

Mizah said...

iphne not bad la...u y ganas.


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