Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things I should do for the next 2 months

Im getting real and really bored these day lately. I have to spend another 2 months in my house. Doing weirdo thingy likes woke up at noon, facebooking, watching movie from night until morning, photoshoping and blah blah blah. Then I started thinking to myself 'Is this that I should for the next 2 month? I will be really.....' erm I don't want to talk about it.

After thinking, thinking and thinking like The Thinker in Night at The Museum I have found the solution for this problem. I would like to share to all the readers and esp SPM 2009 leaver. I know yours situation is almost same like me.

1. Expand your hobby
I like doing my picture experiment at my lab. The 'lab' is referring  to Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop and I like bff. Grab one photo. Adjust, move, filter, add noise, retouch it and many more. If got I some problem I will open my browser and start typing on Google search engine. Search engine never let me down. So, how about your hobby?

2. List of goal
Are you already set your goal? You better start it now. Grab some paper and write down all you want in your life. Future study? house? car? or maybe future husband or wife?. If you are really busy or the easiest why to say is you are lazy like me, I used Microsoft Word. Make some rows of table and write 'GOAL' for the first row. 'ACTION' in second row and 'SHOULD BE IN' for the third row. This is the example without table ( I cannot build the table la)

GOAL : Want to own a hybrid car
ACTION : Start saving a lot of money because hybrid car really delicious thats why they are superb expensive
SHOULD BE IN : 10 years if not you will visit my graveyard

3. Piggy bank
Yeah I know it sound very childish. But I must doing this thing or I will not driving hybrid car.

4. Keep Recycle Bin 'empty'
Many people don't know the use of Recycle Bin. Simple explanation, anything that you delete from Hard Disk it will go to recycle bin. If you really don't want the deleted item, you have to clean it up by 'empty the recycle bin' in right click at the icon. Others thing you should keep your eye on is your computer performance. Go to START > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOL. Grab Disk Cleanup  or Disk Defragmenter. After this recovery thingy maybe your computer will improve a bit. For the heavy recovery please refer to pro

5. Cooking
Simple word but yet still very complicated to me. When my dad always want me to learn all this cooking stuff from my mom. Kari, Dhal, fried chicken and so on and I always search so many alibi to avoid it. Later on, I start thinking that this cooking stuff really complicated but I have to learn it. I am 18 and should start cooking. Well, life.

6. Improve english skill
Listen to radio and song, karaoke with Guitar Hero, watching movie seem not enough to improve my english. Some movie or song doesn't show good english and not a very good way to learn english even they are free. So I have to attend english communication class and of cos it will have to spend some of my dad money. But I have to learn it and my dad have to pay it.

7. Exercise
A very heavy task. But you have to do it or you will get heart attack at 20 years old. Any day in a week, I will take a walk from my house to Sri Gombak and it about 1KM. Then return home from Sri Gombak and I will reach 2KM a day. I love walking. The second one I wash my mom, dad and big bro car if I really lazy to exercise. Hey, washing car is extremely fun or not you will get big  tummy.

8. An idea from you guys
Write and share some idea. Others than english never mind la. I want to know yours.

That all my idea after having a big brainstrom. Pardon me if my english are bad. I am on my way to improve my english. Any comment about my english please do love to write down. A very last word from me is good luck practicing good things in your life.


mc'g said...

1 more u tertinggal..besarkan body..hahahahahhaa..

Mizah said...

aiyak...dun want la...nnti x larat nk jalan..

mc'g said...

mmg la don't wnt.p kalu da tiap2 hri dok umh x wat pape.gitu la jdinya.hahaa.

Mizah said...

hey2..i wat pape k...tap not always la...stamina stil ad auw


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